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A native of Wisconsin, singer and guitarist Dede honed her bluegrass skills from 1975 through 1979 playing throughout the Midwest and Central states with the Milwaukee-based band ’Grass, Food & Lodging. She then moved to New York, where she became a founding member of Tony Trischka and Skyline, one of the leading progressive bluegrass groups of the 1980s. She toured internationally with Skyline through the ’80s. During those years her clear, powerful voice made her a perennial nominee in the annual awards poll of the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA). As one of the few women at the time who was performing in a high-profile touring bluegrass band, Dede was a role model and an artistic influence for a generation of female bluegrass musicians who would shape the music in the years to come.


After leaving Skyline in 1987, Dede moved to Tucson, Arizona, and then to the Washington-Baltimore area in 1990, performing regionally and concentrating on her work as a vocal coach. Since 1999, Dede’s singing has won her a shelf full of “Wammie” awards from the Washington Area Music Association. Her first full-length solo recording, “Keep the Light On” (Patuxent Music 189) was released in 2009 followed by her 2018 release “Urge for Going” (Patuxent Music 303).  Her career is the subject of its own chapter in Murphy Hicks Henry’s 2013 book “Pretty Good for a Girl: Women in Bluegrass” (University of Illinois Press).


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Debbie Kauffman, Glenrock, Pennsylvania
“I cannot say enough about how working with Dede Wyland improved my singing.  I believe all her students would say the same.  It is rare that such a great performer is also such an effective teacher..”


Terry Dyroff, Silver Spring, Maryland “Dede has all the elements essential to being a good teacher. She is a patient, tactful, knowledgeable and highly effective vocal instructor.”


Tom Mindte, Patuxent Partners Bluegrass BandWhen I studied vocal technique with Dede Wyland, my dynamic control improved considerably. I highly recommend Dede for singers of every level.”


Bill Mulroney, Ashton, Maryland “The quality of my vocals have improved immeasurably with her guidance....and if she can help me, she can help you too!”


Joe Carr, Music Camp Director, South Plains College, Levelland, TX “It is rare and difficult to find a musician who is both a great performer and an excellent teacher. Dede is that rare individual in both areas. Her soulful and moving vocal styles are impressive to all who hear her and her teaching is effective with students of all levels.”


Peter Langston, Director, The Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Seattle, Washington “Dede is one of our favorite vocal teachers. She combines a knowledge of the mechanics of singing with an understanding of the emotional range of the voice.








Since 1994, Dede has helped countless amateurs express themselves through singing, and has guided professionals to their full vocal potential.


Her goal is to help singers find their natural voice, and their style, by teaching techniques that lead to greater range, flexibility, and overall vocal quality. Ultimately, she seeks to give her students tools to bridge the gap between what they feel and  what they can express. With this goal in mind, Dede teaches her students basic vocal anatomy, posture, correct breathing, and breath support. Once that foundation is established, she moves on to address each student’s individual needs and musical styles.


Dede studied in New York
City for 7 years with highly regarded singer and voice teacher Rona Klinghoffer, and has also worked with other celebrated coaches focusing on modern technique for non-classical styles of singing.


She studied the anatomy
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and physiology of voice
production at the University
of Maryland, is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and makes a point of staying abreast of developments
 in the world of voice teaching.

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